What Is Amazon Prime Memebership And Is It Worth It?

Amazon Prime

If you are looking to save money while online shopping, Amazon Prime may be something you should seriously consider. A membership with Amazon Prime can save you a significant amount of money.

You may be asking what is Amazon Prime? It is an annual membership offered through Amazon that provides several benefits. Features of the membership include free two-day shipping, instant streaming videos, music, and much more. Amazon is even offering a thirty day free trial so you can experience the membership before committing to an annual membership. Below, the benefits and features of an Amazon Prime and Amazon Student Prime membership will be discussed.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an annual membership provided through Amazon. It allows subscribers to receive free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items; and comes with features such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, lightning deals, and access to the Kindle library.

Amazon Prime Shipping

Free two-day shipping is one of the main reasons why Amazon shoppers sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. This shipping option is available on all eligible items marked with the Prime logo. Prime shipping allows customers to receive an unlimited amount of deliveries without a minimum order requirement or size restriction. There are approximately twenty million items on the website that are eligible for Prime shipping, which means the possibilities are endless with this membership. If you live in one of the selected metro areas within the United States, as a Prime member, you are also eligible to receive free same day delivery on over one million products. Although there are some restrictions to what cities qualify, this is an excellent benefit that more than makes up for the cost of the membership.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is Amazon's equivalent of Netflix; but instead of an extra subscription fee, it is included with an Amazon Prime membership. You are able to watch unlimited videos and movies as much or as little as you desire. Prime video allows you to watch thousands of top blockbuster hits and popular tv shows on over six hundred different devices. Some of the most popular shows and movies available on Prime Video include Grimm, Justified, Downton Abbey, and many more. There are multiple categories, including back to the 80's, Amazon originals, classic movies, editor's picks, comedy, etc.

Amazon Prime Music

Unlike popular music streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify, Prime Music offers unlimited music streaming of millions of songs and albums without being interrupted by advertisements. You have the capability to create custom playlists and add your favorite songs. Prime Music features albums from popular artists such as Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Blake Shelton, and many more. There are hundreds of carefully selected Prime playlists that will introduce you to new music or will play songs depending on your mood. There are no interruptions, no ads, an unlimited amount of skips, no additional cost, and no restrictions on playback. You can choose to either stream music from the internet or to download your favorite music onto your device from the Prime library. This will enable you to listen in places with no internet connection.

Amazon Prime Photos

You can store an unlimited amount of photos in Amazon's Cloud Drive that can be accessed on just about any device. This virtual photo album offers automatic picture backup and a secure drive to ensure that your pictures will be safely stored. Unlike other cloud drives, there is an unlimited amount of space available, which means you can store as many pictures as you want without having to worry about exceeding storage capacity.

Amazon Lightning Deals

Lightning deals are excellent opportunities for people who consider themselves to be up-to-date on the latest tech gadgets, fashion trends, and shopping deals. These deals are some of the hottest available across the internet and are available to Amazon Prime members thirty minutes before they become available worldwide. This benefit is especially useful if you are trying to snag the latest deal before it is sold out.

Access to the Kindle library

As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to free Kindle books that are not available to non-Prime members. There are over 800,000 different free books available to members. You can borrow books from an online lender library with no specific due dates. Books are available in all genres, ranging from non-fiction to fiction, classics, or even New York Times best sellers. This is an easy way to discover thousands of books you would otherwise not have access to.

How much is Amazon Prime

Although Amazon Prime does offer a thirty day free trial, if you decide not to cancel the membership before this trial period is over, you will be charged the annual membership price of $99. While this may seem like a large amount, it is important to recall all of the different benefits and features that an Amazon Prime membership presents to a member. The subscription will remain valid for one year, where at this time, you will again be charged $99. This recurring payment will occur until you decide to cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Student Prime

Amazon offers students an opportunity to take part in Prime membership at a discounted rate. Students are able to enjoy a six month free trial where they will have all of the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership including free two-day shipping, unlimited photo storage, and exclusive deals. Prime Music and Video are available after the six month free trial. For every person a student member refers to Amazon that signs up for a Student membership, that member will receive $10. After the six month free trial, the member will be upgraded to an Amazon Prime account at a discounted rate of fifty percent off. This is a one time discount, and the second year of membership will renew at regular price.

Amazon Prime membership is a subscription that provides its members with a number of benefits. Among those are free two-day shipping, unlimited tv, movie, and music streaming, unlimited photo storage, access to exclusive deals, and access to thousands of free books.