The Many Benefits Of Amazon Student Membership

Amazon Student Membership

You cannot lose with Amazon Student Membership. The free two-day shipping alone justifies signing up. With the awesome access to thousands of kindle books, video games, video titles and TV shows and a free trial of six months, there is no reason why someone with a valid .edu email address should not try this service.

Amazon is offering special Amazon Prime membership for students. If you are enrolled for at least one course in a US college, you qualify for a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime after which you will pay an annual fee of $49. You must provide proof of enrollment and possess a .edu email address.

Free Trial & Then Prime Membership at 50% Off

With the six months free trial that can be cancelled at any time, you enjoy all the major Amazon Prime benefits including unlimited photo storage, unlimited streaming of videos, free movies, free access to Kindle library, free two-day shipping and exclusive prime deals. You can use the free trial to take advantage of exclusive back-to-school deals.

The six-month period covered by free trial is enough for you to enjoy a ton of benefits. If you decide you want to enjoy Amazon Prime benefits for the entire time you will be in college, you do not have to pay the regular price of $99. If you are a student, you qualify for prime membership at 50% off.

Amazon Student Big Money Savers

1. 50% Discounts

Purchasing Amazon products at half the price is an opportunity that you should not pass. Utilizing the various discounts associated with Amazon Prime will greatly reduce your student bills. You will get daily email alerts notifying you of the latest offers, promotions, and discounts.

2. Massive Textbook Savings

As a college student, you need textbooks. This is one of the reasons to sign up for Amazon Student membership. The average textbook costs $10-$20. You can get free access to books on the Kindle library. If you want to own some titles, you can acquire them at a discount if you are a member of Amazon Student.

3. Free Two-Day Shipping

Free two-day shipping on millions of items means a good deal of savings. This benefit alone will offset the cost of membership and save you hundreds of dollars if you are a frequent Amazon buyer.

4. Amazing Back-To-School Discounts

Getting back to school just got cheaper thanks to Amazon Prime. With Amazon Student membership, you will get back-to-school discounts on everything you need for campus life. These include toiletries, books, clothes, and electronics among other items.

How You Will Save With Amazon Student Membership

You may be already paying much for Amazon products. The cost of shipping only nine items from Amazon using standard shipping covers the annual cost of Amazon Prime student membership. With every additional purchase you make in a year in excess of nine items you will be saving money.

Free Scholarship Money

The life of a student is hard-pressed in all directions. There are classes to attend, exams to do and supplies to purchase. If that is not enough, you have to pay fees or take a student loan with an exorbitant interest rate. If you are a student member of Amazon Prime, you can be eligible for a scholarship that will help to reduce your fee burden. This scholarship will contribute $5,000 towards college tuition and $500 towards textbooks.

Why Pay For Netflix, I-Tunes or Even TV?

You are a college student and the last thing you would want to do is to pay for Netflix while you can stream over 40,000 movies, series, and documentaries, free of charge on Amazon Prime. With your Amazon Student membership, you do need to pay for I-Tunes because you can listen to over 1 million songs on Prime without paying a cent. You also get free unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon Student covers all your multimedia needs.

The Benefits Justify the Cost

At the flash of a college ID, you can unlock a world of discounts, free shipping, and other benefits. The advantages of Amazon student far exceed the annual cost of $49. The savvy shopper will realize this just by considering how much he is already paying for Amazon products and then putting into perspective the benefits to be realized from Amazon Prime membership.