How to Get Free Shipping On Amazon

Amazon Prime

Millions of web users visit Amazon's online store to take advantage of attractive discounts and rock bottom prices. However, many of these shoppers may be unaware that Amazon offers free shipping for some of their products. In this post you can find more ways on how to get free shipping on Amazon.

The shipping choices available to Amazon shoppers vary depending on factors such as location, Amazons' shipping policy, type of products bought (bulky and large or light and small), number of items purchased, cost of purchased goods, and type of Amazon membership. According to Amazon, it can ship products to more than 75 countries worldwide including Russia, Kenya, Chile, Japan, Philippines, Iceland, and Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, international shoppers may have to pay customs fees and import duties when collecting their orders. With this in mind, Amazon offers consumers several "Special Shipping Options" including free, release-date delivery, same-day delivery, large or bulky item, and Amazon Locker shipping choices. In addition, Amazon runs international shipping programs such as the Free AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program. This article will only focus on Amazon's free shipping options.

Free shipping is attractive because it can help you save money. According to Neil Ackerman, a senior manager at Amazon, consumers love saving money even when purchasing $5 items. Luckily, web shoppers can qualify for free shipping on Amazon in the following ways:

1. Fulfillment by Amazon Small and Light

To start with, Amazon recently launched a free shipping program called "Fulfillment by Amazon Small and Light." This program has generated extensive media coverage because it allows shoppers to ship any item weighing less than 8 ounces and worth less than $10 free. Tantalizingly, it is available to all Amazon shoppers including both Prime and non-Prime members. Furthermore, it does not have minimum order requirements, meaning you could order a single item and have it delivered to your doorstep shipping-cost free.Nevertheless, delivery can take anywhere from three to eight business days, which means you cannot rely on this free shipping program if you want an item delivered within the shortest time possible. Before the rollout of this program, Amazon required shoppers to order at least $35 worth of selected items, excluding taxes and gift-wrap, in order to qualify for free shipping

2. Amazon Prime Trial

Although Amazon Prime members pay $99 annually to access this service, you can get free shipping if you sign up for this program on a trial basis. However, you should cancel your subscription before the free trial period ends because Amazon automatically upgrades subscribers to Amazon Prime proper after the free trial period elapses.

During this free trial period, you can purchase any product on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep within two days. Moreover, you would be eligible for Prime membership benefits including access to a promo code. In fact, Amazon states that free trial subscribers enjoy the same benefits as paid memberships.

3. Amazon Super Saver Shipping

Another free shipping option that you can try is Amazon's Super Saver Shipping program. To qualify for this program, you must purchase eligible items worth at least $35, excluding gift-wrap and taxes. According to Amazon, eligible items usually have a "FREE Super Saver Shipping" label next to their prices. Moreover, eligible items must be exclusively sold and fulfilled by Amazon. If you intend to buy a bulky or large item, find out if it qualifies for free shipping because certain goods that fit this description are not eligible. Finally, actions such as cancelling orders, changing shipping address, or combining orders can affect Amazon Super Saver Shipping eligibility.

4. Amazon Student

If you are a student operating on a tight budget, there is no better way to save money than by signing up for Amazon Student, which comes with a six-month free trial period. During this period, you will enjoy free two-day shipping, access unlimited photo storage, access streaming movies, music, and TV shows, as well as access exclusive deals, offers, and discounts on selected items. At the same time, you will be eligible for a wide range of giveaways, sweepstakes, and coupons. Enterprising students can earn $10 for each friend they refer to enroll in Amazon Student. This means you can continue using Amazon Student even after your free trial period ends without paying a dime. All you would have to do to continue accessing free shipping services is convince five of your friends to join this program every year in order to cover your $49 annual membership fee.

5. AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping

You can purchase goods from Amazon and ship them to another country without coughing up shipping fees thanks to AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping. However, shoppers must fulfill certain requirements in order for their orders to qualify for free shipping. To start with, the order destination address should be located in an eligible country. Secondly, order items should be eligible for sale abroad. Amazon urges shoppers to use the "International Shipping" filter option when searching for items to ensure they do not purchase ineligible products. This is because certain products such as advanced night vision goggles that could be re-purposed for military use are subject to export restrictions. By enrolling in this program, consumers can save substantial amounts of money. It is worth noting that Amazon allows promotion code usage with this free shipping program.

6. Free Shipping Coupons

Besides the free shipping options detailed above, look for coupon codes redeemable at Amazon that come with free shipping. However, this strategy requires one to shop around online for eligible coupons. If you have never hunted for coupon codes before, a good starting point is here. We maintain an up to date database with hundreds of free shipping coupon codes redeemable at multiple online retail stores.

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of Amazon free shipping programs. Examples of such programs include Amazon Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon Small and Light, Amazon Student, Amazon Super Saver Shipping, and AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping.